Visually Dynamic & Graphically Distinct Tattoos!

Monday November 04, 2019

Although many of my clients these days are asking me for pure abstractions on their skin, I still enjoy the occasional more illustrative project requests, and try to bring everything that I've learned from my biomech work back to whatever subjects that I'm tattooing. The piece shown here is part of a sleeve I'm working on that combines many of the effects that I enjoy- lighting, atmosphere, depth and contrast- into a composition that has a few more traditional elements (notably the wings) combined with some more painterly effects. As with everything I do, the goal is to make it not only visually dynamic but to give it as much graphic distinction as I can. This is accomplished here by combining a number of tricks together into one piece, starting with the selective use of bold black lines vs elements with less visible linework. You can read more about my strategy for this piece in the Lines & Edges chapter of your subscription (page 2.6.17)... and don't forget to check out the new Contrast seminar that now is included free with your subscription.

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