Now available: Guy Aitchison’s luminous “Lantern Cave” print

Wednesday March 13, 2019

This past week Guy finished one of the more substantial paintings that he’s had on the easel recently. “Lantern Cave” dives deep into the subjects that he enjoys most as an artist: Depth, texture and luminosity, with an emphasis on a kind of organic womb-like warmth to dispel the last of the winter chill. We are offering high quality archival signed prints on canvas of this image, including a strictly limited framed edition (we have only 6 of them framed). Prints are 15x30” plus a 1” colored border for mounting purposes. The framed edition is approx. 17x32x1.5” in a museum quality handmade wooden frame, lightweight with a fingerprint resistant texture, ready to hang in your art collection or at your tattoo workstation. This one is perfect for giving your tattoo clients a fun, imaginative space to fall into while sitting there getting needled. This is Guy’s most current work; drop by for more information.

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