Shoot It Right: A Photography Tutorial Just For Tattooers!

Saturday November 30, 2013


As long as I've been tattooing I've struggled to get good photos of my work. In some cases it takes a few attempts in different lighting conditions just to get something halfway decent, and once the client walks out the door you never know when you'll get another chance to re-shoot their piece. Even good photos usually fail to really convey the qualities of a well done tattoo. And these days many artists have all but given up, using just their phones to document even their most epic pieces.


I can tell you from experience that these low quality photos are a way of cheating yourself. In particular, often they are not good enough to submit to magazines or book projects. Taking that additional step to haul out a real camera and document a finished piece is always worth the extra few minutes. But even then, the pictures are often nt great, especially when shot at nighttime.


Finally, an experienced professional tattooer has produced a tutorial on getting good tattoo photos. Mario Rosena has a long history as a tattoo artist but has recently been working as a pro photographer as well, shooting for several publications including high-end fashion magazines and documenting events such as the X-Games. He brings all this knowledge together in Shoot It Right, a DVD and booklet combo that provides you with all the important information you need to finally get solid documentation of your work. Good photos help you to keep up in this competitive industry, and Shoot It Right presents you with the right tools to accomplish this. It's available now for a special rate at our online store!


Thanks, and we'll be in touch soon!

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