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Reinventing Live

Coming next month on Monday, October 14 we are hosting a special one-day educational intensive. It’s a new format, where several artists which include Stefano Alcantara, Kaija Heitland and Markus Lenhard will be doing tattoos while Guy Aitchison sits with them and picks their brains, aiming to get to the bottom of how they think and work, while also including the best audience questions and showing the tattooing action up close. Between these interviews will be some portfolio critiques of participating audience members, and at the end of the day will be a panel discussion featuring the presenting artists addressing some of the tattoo art form’s biggest questions. Late that night Guy will be working on a freehand piece into the late hours and will answer any interesting questions that roll in. 


Tickets are available for viewing the event online or for attending live at Euro Tattoo in Rockford Illinois, about 2 hours from Chicago or an hour from Ohare Airport. The event will run from noon Central time until around late that night, with a couple meal breaks. Existing Reinventing The Tattoo subscribers will get a free limited edition hoodie- if you aren’t a subscriber and you want this hoodie you’ll need to subscribe first and then purchase your Reinventing Live ticket.

This is a new, compact format for sharing a lot of information in a single day. We are excited about the possibilities and hope that you can join us!

Go HERE to purchase tickets!

New Seminar Available!

The next major seminar has been added to the Reinventing curriculum! This is the Contrast seminar that I gave last year in St.Louis, diving deep into what contrast really means in a tattoo in terms of using value, color, focus, outlines and other variables to create visually strong, long-lasting tattoos. It can be found on page 2.3.14 at the end of the Contrast chapter and features work by Steve Butcher, Phil Garcia, Alex Pancho, Tofi, Paul Acker and other amazing talents in an effort to show the contrast subject across a diverse range of styles. Drop by ReinventingTheTattoo.com for more information




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New gWooki/Aitchison print!

This past week involved an intensive visit by gWooki, who came to Hyperspace Studios to work with Guy on two collaborative tattoos and a painting. The painting was completed last night and is being offered this weekend only as a signed archival canvas print, 12x15” plus a 1” border for mounting purposes, $50. It can be found at Hyperspacestudios.com/prints where it will be posted until noon on Monday, August 19th, when it will be permanently removed from the store. Please allow 3 weeks for processing and shipping.

New Tutorial Added To ReinventingTheTattoo.com

We’ve just added a new closeup video tutorial to Reinventing The Tattoo, available now to all subscribers in the Challenging Body Part chapter. If you’re not a subscriber yet you can find out more at www.reinventingthetattoo.com

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